We love to be in the water and like everyone to join our passion. In this section you will find information about swimming techniques and swim drills. Also we’d like to share with you some inspirational stories about swimming

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Adult female student in swimming class in Hanoi

Adult Swim Classes Bon Mua pool Hanoi

Adult swimming Classes in Bon Mua Hanoi Learn More Start Now Adult swimming lessons in Bon Mua Hanoi Adult swimming classes We provide swimming lessons for adults in Hanoi for all levels. For beginners the focus will be in getting to feel safe, comfortable and relaxed in the water, learning

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toddler classes tay ho

Toddlers Swimming lessons in Tay Ho

Toddlers swimming Lessons in Tay Ho Learn More Start Now Swimming lessons for toddlers in Tay Ho ASA Ducklings program for toddler swimming classes The Ducklings program of the ASA Swim England framework is designed to help toddlers enjoying to swim. At Ducklings 1 you will see your children moving

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Man Swimming Butterfly in swimmingpool

Why Swimming Is So Good For You – 9 Reasons

The benefits of swimming Every sport has health benefits that go with the sport but for some sports there are some negatives involved such as with running, which is a very good cardio workout but it places a lot of stress on your joints and bones. Swimming has many health

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