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SwimFun Hanoi helps students to get comfortable and safe in the water. We simply love to be in and around the water. With our classes we hope to share the joy and help more people do what we love most… swimming!

Parents and kids love SwimFun Hanoi because:

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Fun and Games with the Learn to Swim Framework

The best way for children to adopt new skills is through fun and games. Our way of teaching still has a high focus on having fun and enjoying being in the water.

It takes a games-led approach to learn to swim, and provide the core aquatic skills needed to become competent swimmers. These essential skills include; Floatation and Balance, Rotation and Orientation, Aquatic Breathing, Streamlining, and many many others.

Rather than focussing on one stroke, we believe students learn faster and will become better all-round swimmers when the swimming strokes are integrated in a framework and taught simultaneously in small steps at a time.

For more information, learn all about the SwimEngland™ framework


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