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Our Hanoi Swimming Adventure

In the Spring of 2016 Teacher Koen started teaching swimming and other essential life-skills to children in Hanoi. He developed a unique teaching style based on trust, enthusiasm, engagement and above all, having fun with the learning process.

Create a safer and healthier world, help more people enjoy swimming

ESL Swimming

Swimming classes and applied English teaching. Get safe, confident and happy in the water. Learn to swim, practise ESL, play games and have fun!

SwimFun Hanoi helps students to get comfortable and safe in the water. We simply love to be in and around the water. With our classes we hope to share the joy and help more people do what we love most… swimming! Why we love to swim? Firs of all, swimming is a great workout. It helps you build endurance and strengths and is a perfect way maintain a healthy weight, strong heart and lungs. As nearly all muscles are used swimming provides the perfect all-over body workout. It can be a relaxing way to exercise and on top of that, probably the best thing to do to cool down on a hot day. Once you know how to swim, you can enjoy it in many places on many occasions. Just imagine a relaxing day at a beautiful sandy beach, snorkeling on a colourful reef or just diving in from a sailing-boat. For the more sporty minded, there are numerous ways to enjoy swimming in competition or team-sports.

Apart from the fun part and all the health benefits of swimming, learning to swim is also an essential life-skill. Sadly enough water safety continues to be a big challenge in Vietnam. Although the authorities efforts to deal with the problem, there is still a long way to go. Drowning is one of the biggest causes of death and injury among children in Vietnam and only 10% of the children in the Red River area know how to swim. By teaching our students how to be safe and comfortable in the water, we can help to create a safer and healthier world and help more people enjoy swimming.

Our Team

We are blessed to have a fast growing team of swimming enthousiast passionate to share the fun of being in and around the water. To ensure the safety and quality if the lesons, all of our teachers are highly trained and have years of experience in teaching swimming to kids and adults of all ages. The Swim Instructors work closely with our Teacher Assistants in order to make sure the lessons go smoothly and as plannend.


Koen Dibbets

Founder / teacher

Teacher Koen fell in love with Vietnam and Hanoi after traveling in SE Asia for 6 months on a bicycle. He started teaching in Hanoi swimming in 2015 and has helped many children be safe and comfortable in the water.

Phan Khanh Linh

Teacher / Assistant

Linh is a very experienced swimmer and instructor. She works also as hydrotherapist for autistic children and developmental delays. She loves making cakes for the kids and always likes to create harmony for them to develop many skills in life and society.

TA thuy profile picture

Thùy Trần


Thuy Tran, or miss Tree, is the most funny and at the same time accurate Teacher Assistent you can think of. She has experience with many centers in Hanoi and is a bless to work with for both teacher as parents. Ah, and not to mention Tiger the cat.

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Minh Duc

Class coordinator

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Do you love to be in the water? Are you an experienced ESL teacher and qualified swimming instructor? We are always looking for new talented people to join and reenforce our team! Please get in touch and send a message

We are ready! How about You?

Our team of experienced swimming instructors is very excited to help more children be safe and comfortable in and around the water. Register now and get your swimming classes scheduled.

Where do we Teach?

Have your swimming sessions comfortable near home, we teach in a range of swimming pools in Hanoi. Is your favourite pool not listed here? No worries! Contact us to discuss the possibilities of creating a class in at the location that is most convenient for you.

Thang Long Number One

There are both an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool at the Thang Long residence. The pools are well suited for swimming classes, this location can be used in all seasons.

thang long swimming pool hanoi


Lotte Tower

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swimming pool lotte tower
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