Our Philosophy

Passion for Swimming

Why we love to swim? Firs of all, swimming is a great workout. It helps you build endurance and strengths and is a perfect way maintain a healthy weight, strong heart and lungs. As nearly all muscles are used swimming provides the perfect all-over body workout. It can be a relaxing way to exercise and on top of that, probably the best thing to do to cool down on a hot day. You can enjoy swimming in many places and occasions. Just imagine a relaxing day at a beautiful sandy beach, snorkeling on a colorful reef or just diving in from a sailing-boat. For the more sporty minded, there are numerous ways to enjoy swimming in competition or team-sports.

Water safety

Learning to swim is also an essential life-skill. Sadly enough water safety continues to be a big challenge in Vietnam. Although the authorities efforts to deal with the problem, there is still a long way to go. Drowning is one of the biggest causes of death and injury among children in Vietnam and only 10% of the children in the Red River area know how to swim. By teaching our students how to be safe and comfortable in the water, we can help to create a safer and healthier world and help more people enjoy swimming.

Learn English in a natural way

The best way to practice your English second language skills is to use it. All SwimFun Hanoi swimming lessons are held in English by experienced international swim instructors. The fun and engaging activities, combined with applied English teaching, help our students learn to use their foreign language skills in a natural way.

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