Toddlers swimming Lessons in
Tay Ho

Swimming lessons for toddlers in Tay Ho

ASA Ducklings program for toddler swimming classes

The Ducklings program of the ASA Swim England framework is designed to help toddlers enjoying to swim. At Ducklings 1 you will see your children moving around by themselves in the water. At Ducklings 4 they will be jumping in, floating, going under water and be able to move 10 meters without support.

Toddler classes in N-Square Tay Ho

We can organize toddler swimming lessons in the N-Square pool in Tay Ho. This small, heated pool, which we can use exclusive for our classes, is perfect for the toddler swimming lessons in Tay Ho.

"Our toddler classes are taught with excitement and enthusiasm to create a fun possitive attitude towards swimming and to gain vital first steps."
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Swim Instructor

English Teaching

The lessons will be done in Enlgish, perfect for expats or Vietnamese wanting to practice their English.

Expat Instructor

At Swimfun Hanoi you will learn from the best. All our classes are held in English by highly experienced and motivated Expat swim instructors.

Small Classes

The maximum class size is 4 students, we need 3 students to open a new class.

Openings for Toddler swimming Lessons in Tay Ho

Toddler Swim

$ 14 per lesson
  • Small classes 3-4 students
  • Qualified Swim Instructor
  • Expat English Speaking Teacher
Start NOw

Private classes

Do you want to form your own class? Would you like to start lessons in another swimming pool? You can start a private class, individual or with a small group of students. 

Please let us know how we can help you best!

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