Swimming Lessons in Hanoi

Learn to Love Swimming

Do you need swimming lessons in Hanoi? Get safe and comfortable in the water now! Learn essential aquatic techniques and practice your English Second Language skills in a playful and active, game-led environment. Above all, have fun in the water and learn to love swimming.

Swimming Lessons

We provide swimming classes in Hanoi, take a look at our successful programs.

Toddler playing in the pool

Ducklings (2,5 - 4)

Swimming lessons for toddlers. Get confident and safe in and around the pool. Learn the basic aquatic skills.

kid with goggles in the swimming pool

Learn to Swim (4 - 11)

Start your swimming lessons. From blowing bubbles, floating and aquatic breathing, to excelling in all the strokes.

Adult female student in swimming class in Hanoi


Adult swimming classes for all levels. Beginners, intermediate or advanced swimmers.

About us

Learn to Love Swimming

Swimming lesson on swimming pool in Hanoi Keanham Tower with Korean and Vietnamese children

Swimming is not only a funny way to do good exercise and stay fit. Above all, it is also an essential life-skill. By teaching people how to swim we can make the world a safer place and share our love and passion for being in and around the water.

Swimming in Hanoi

SwimFun Hanoi started teaching swimming lessons in Hanoi as a small swimming school for private classes in 2018. At that time Teacher Koen had already been successfully teaching swimming, ESL and other life-skills in Hanoi for several years. He developed a teaching style based on trust, flexibility, patience, understanding and support. Apart from the aquatic skills needed to feel confident and safe in the water, your child foremost will learn how to have fun, play games and enjoy being in the pool. 

Applied English

We can combine our swimming classes with applied English language lessons. In our experience students learn best through meaningful experiences and activities. In addition, teaching English in the swimming pool is the perfect setting for students to practice their second language skill in a funny and natural way.
little girl playing in the swimming pool

"Play Is The Work of the Child”

Maria Montessori
Maria Montessori

Learn by playing

Fun, pleasure, enthusiasm, eagerness… no matter what you call it, the essential ingredient in any training endeavour is engagement. We firmly believe the learning process should be fun. 

We love to have a good time in and around the water and this is also the way we love to teach. Our playful and games-led approach ensures all students enjoy learning. Start your swimming lessons in Hanoi right now!

two small girls playing in the water with floats
young kid with kick board in swimming pool during swimming lesson

Safety and Trust

In all our swimming sessions, the first and most important priority is the safety of our students and instructors. Therefore all of our teachers are highly trained and have years of experience in teaching swimming to kids and adults of all ages.

Aquatic Skills

During the sessions we will use the ‘Learn to Swim’ programme provided by Swim England™. This syllabus offers the structure and consistency needed to deliver safe and effective swimming lessons.
The program is made up of 7 progressive stages and is perfect for children from 4 to 11 years of age. They stages are designed to reward your child for their development of the essential aquatic skills they need to be confident, competent and safe in the water.
teacher giving instructions for swimming class in hanoi

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Most frequent questions and answers

The Swim England ‘Learn to Swim’ program is best suited for children aged 4 – 11 years old. We will teach the levels 1 to 7 of the framework.

Older students can join the Swim England ‘Aquatic Skills’ program (level 8 -10) , depending on their aquatic skills.

The Swim England pre-school program is best suited for babies and toddlers 0 – 5 years old. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

SwimFun Hanoi provides swimming lessons in your local pool in Hanoi. We always try to do the swimming classes in the location that is most convenient for you. This can be a public swimming pool, or a private residential pool.

Please take a look at the ABOUT page for more information on the SWIMMING POOLS

Yes, we can provide adult classes. Please contact us to discuss all the possibilities. 

During the first class we will make an assessment of the level of every student and match it with the Swim England framework. This framework consists of 7 levels, each level should take 8 to 10 sessions to complete.

During the learning process we will regularly monitor and report on the students proces.

We like to teach in small classes in order to guarantee the safety and make sure every student gets the attention she needs.

In our experience classes of 4 to 6 students work best for students aged above 6 years old. For younger children the classes can better be 2 to 4 students.

You like are interested in our swimming program, great!

Please take a look at our all our SWIMMING LESSONS programs.

If fore some reason the student misses a class, naturally we will try to find a solution that works best for all parties.

Please inform us as soon as possible. If the option is available (depending on other students and teachers availability) we can reschedule the lesson. We can only reschedule a lesson if informed at least one day before the class was scheduled.

We do not give a refund for missed classes.