Baby swimming, 7 benefits every parent should know

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Baby swimming

Swimming with your baby can be a magical experience. Baby swimming is both relaxing for mother and child and a good gentle exercise. Did you know you can already start baby swimming from 3 months old? In this article you can read everything about why you should start your baby swimming classes now.

1 Long term physical health benefits of baby swimming

Baby swimming is a series gentle exercises for the entire body. Therefore it helps to build muscles strengths and stimulates your baby’s muscle, lung, heart and brain development. Being in the water enhances the ability to mobilize hand-eye coordination and balance of the whole body. Baby swimming will help your child with future development of activities like crawling, walking , running and so on. Research shows the use of the entire body for swimming activities from a very young age is good for the development and connection between the two hemispheres of the brain. This will help children to develop logical thinking and emotional intelligence, the premise for success.

2 Your babies natural kicking reflex

If your baby is under six months old, it’s the perfect time for you to observe a true miracle. Babies are born with a kicking reflex. They lose this reflex around 6 months of age. The transition from reflex kicks to voluntary effective kicking is a magical thing, that’s why it’s the perfect time to start your babies swimming classes and see it with your own eyes.

baby kicking under water in swimming pool
“Seeing the kicking reflex of your baby with your own eyes is a once in a lifetime experience “

3 Baby swimming increases their appetite and good sleep

Hunger comes naturally after the baby is a low-impact exercise like being in the water. Baby swimming is also great for the digestive system. Make sure she gets some milk or healthy snacks after the swimming class. Many infants feel relaxed just being in the water and they fall asleep right after the sessions. Swimming is an excellent full-body work-out since the buoyancy of the water eliminates any stress on the joints. In addition the water also decreases the body temperature slightly and it makes the kids fall asleep easier and their sleep quality will also be better.

“After a swimming session my baby eats like a horse”

4 Swimming helps with brain development and emotional health

Being in the water is directly related to the familiar feeling of the newborn from when they were still in the mother’s womb. This special bonding time between the mother and the baby in the water can help the babies feel more safe and comfortable, especially during the ‘wonder weeks’. Therefore, cheering the baby up during the swimming sessions will boost their self-esteem and confidence. Mental health research shows associating the feeling of happiness and physical activities at a young age, is the foundation of good behaviours and the ability to control their emotions. Swimming from an early age can be very beneficial for the brain’s development and it sets an important step for the kid in the future.

5 Have some quality time with your baby

Sometimes we can be so busy and it seems hard to find time to just be with the kids. However, being in the water with your baby, singing happy songs, having a lot of eye contact, giving them your attention and having fun together will build a strong connection and trust between you and your child. Some research shows that the stronger the bond between you and your baby, the better chance they will make the right decisions and lead a responsible life when they grow up.

baby swimming lessons, mother in pool swimming with baby on her belly
“Baby swimming is the perfect way to enhance the bonding of mother and child”

6 Baby swimming is good for a healthy lifestyle for the whole family

Swimming is one of the few activities the whole family can enjoy together. Kids love playing with their siblings and parents in the swimming pool. Being together in the water from a very young age will provide your kid with a healthy lifestyle for the rest of his life. There will be many occasions fir him to enjoy the love for being in the water. He will share and transfer this passion as a gift for next generations, just like you did.

7 A great way to reduce stress for the parents

We believe and encourage the parents to be in the pool with their baby. Just have a good time, playing, having fun together. Small exercises in the water are a great way to relax and make a strong connection with your baby. You don’t need to be a strong swimmer to join a baby swimming class. The teacher will help you feel confident and safe in the water. It is a great way to learn together with your child. Being in the pool with your baby is a great way to be mindfull and free from the business of all day life.

“Give you’re child a life-time passion of being in and around the water”

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