Why Swimming Is So Good For You – 9 Reasons

The benefits of swimming

Every sport has health benefits that go with the sport but for some sports there are some negatives involved such as with running, which is a very good cardio workout but it places a lot of stress on your joints and bones. Swimming has many health benefits and is one of the few sports that uses almost all of your muscles. Swimming is fun, a great way to stay healthy and fit and you can continue swimming for a lifetime. Below are some more great benefits of swimming.

1. Full body workout

Swimming is one of the few sports that uses all of your muscles while you are exercising. During a workout your heart rate rises making swimming a very good cardio exercise without placing a lot of stress on your body. Swimming also helps to build endurance, tone your muscles and build strength. There are four different strokes that you can add to your workout so that swimming stays interesting and you ensure you use all of your muscles.

2. Helps manage stress

Swimming helps to reduce the stress of everyday life and after swimming for only 30 mins it helps to put you in  a more positive headspace. Swimming also helps to reduce anxiety and depression.

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woman relaxed floating on the water
Swimming helps reduce the stress from everyday life

3. Burns Calories

Swimming is one of the most effective ways to burn calories compared to sports such as running and cycling. Depending on the stroke and intensity of the swim workout, you could burn anything from 220-800 calories/hour. The best way to burn calories would be to do intervals of hard efforts with recovery time in between. 

4. Improves your sleep

Studies have shown that swimming is one of the best exercises to make you sleep better. The fact that there is no stress on the body, your muscles are stretching, you have sensory deprivation and the fact that swimming helps to boost your mood, all help you to sleep better.

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Woman sleeping in bed
Improve your sleep

5. Swimming is good for injuries and other conditions

Swimming is often used as a rehabilitation tool for people who had muscle injuries. Swimming is great for rehabilitation from an injury because it’s a low impact exercise, not a weight bearing exercise, swimming is active stretching and swimming is a good cardio workout. Swimming is also good for people with arthritis and other disabilities. 

6. Not weather dependant 

Another big benefit of swimming is that it’s not weather dependant. There are indoor swimming pools available everywhere and these pools stay heated during the winter months meaning swimming lessons can continue in the cold months.

7. Improves breathing efficiency

In addition to improved stamina and heart health, swimming also helps with how efficiently you breath. This becomes beneficial when doing other activities because you won’t be as out of breath after running or doing other activities.

8. Helps you to stay calm

Swimming is meditative and releases endorphins that increase feelings of wellbeing. The rhythmic strokes and the sound of water makes swimming very relaxing. 

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Woman meditating under palm tree in the setting sun

9. Build confidence

Most children are fearful of water when they start swimming but as soon as they overcome this fear it helps to build their confidence and self esteem. This helps them in situations other than swimming because they learn that they are able to do things that they were once afraid of.

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