Goggles for your swimming lessons?

To goggle or not to goggle…

Should my child wear goggles?

Parents often ask us whether or not children should wear goggles while learning how to swim. The eyeglasses can be uncomfortable at first when the kids put them on but they also assist the process of learning. With goggles, the children can see underwater, and therefore it may help them to become less afraid. Furthermore, they can also see what the teacher instructs them to do and the lesson can be more efficient. However, a child who is used to swimming with goggles may panic underwater when they don’t have goggles which can be dangerous under unexpected situations.

Benefits of swimming with goggles

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Goggles are useful as they prevent the irritation that can be caused by the chemicals in the pool. Most pools contain chlorine, and even though it doesn’t cause permanent damage, it can be quite uncomfortable nonetheless. Wearing goggles can minimise the intrusion of water in the eyes so the child can be more comfortable while learning how to swim. Furthermore, sometimes the instructor demonstrates the movement underwater. In this case, goggles can assist children to see these movements without any pain to their eyes. Due to the discomfort in the eyes, the child may become disinterested in swimming and the lessons may not be as joyful and effective as it can be.

Learn to swim without goggles

Some children never swim without goggles and grow dependant to them. These children fear swimming without goggles and often panic when water gets into their eyes. Such fear can potentially be dangerous for the child as they are at risk to drown in an unexpected situation. Due to this, it is very important that children practice swimming without goggles as well, to be prepared for any unanticipated events.

Goggles can help students go under water

How we teach at SwimFun Hanoi

In conclusion, while learning how to swim, goggles can be a useful tool to help children ease into being underwater. It is also crucial that students practice without goggles to also be safe swimming without any eyes protection. Therefore, at SwimFun hanoi, from the earliest stage on, we also do activities with our student that contains going under water, without goggles. In this way we intend to get them safe and confident being in the water, also in the event of an unexpected situation.

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